Project - 'Between'


The term ‘in-between’ contains multidimensional concepts that include or transcends all distancial, spatial or temporal relation from one phenomenon to another. It could be either relation of space in between one place to another or gap between one moment to another.

Through our project Between, we concretize the uncertainty of the state of in-betweenness in minimized visual. By incorporating multiple geometric shapes with different colors that emerge into a single line from a distance, the same-different relationship between the nature, experience or the concept of different phenomena are distinguished but also merged into each other. Repetition of the lines, which are already a combined unity of different shapes of different colors, visualize the subtle sensual experiences of viewing and observing and thereby they highlight the changeability and multifacetedness that the concept ‘in-between’ contains.

For colors, we drew our inspiration from indistinct memories of daily life. In every day, a feast of colors and their development take place around us. There are these complex and subtle changes of colors, like during the daybreak of early spring, in which the day becomes longer and the sky varies its colors even at the same hour between yesterday and today, or in late autumn, when one observes changing temperature shortly near the sunset. The sentimental inspirations from these in-between moments encouraged the project along the process.

The project, which is the first collaboration led by G A B E  design studio, was co-directed by graphic designer Kwak Eunjung and textile designer Choi Jaehee Flora. The G A B E  design studio is based in Berlin.


10119 Berlin

G A B E  - a design studio focused on making experimental design with various materials and techniques. Each project, we research visual language with colour styling which is inspired by our daily-life moments and stories. We present our work not only as design products but also as art installations. We are open for collaborations with other designers, artist and cultural creators. Please email us for details.

G A B E, located in Berlin, is founded by textile designer Flora Jaehee Choi in 2016. Graphic designer Eunjung Kwak joined the studio in 2018.